ROOM 1015

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    4:20 a.m. and you're still on the road in mode Paranoid Las Vegas. It's the perfect time for a hit for recreational use...

    A GRAPEFRUIT pink sun rises above the turquoise horizon and slowly streams over the blue asphalt. Along the road, purple trees wave their leaves to greet you like old friends. The red tentacles of EUCALYPTUS absorb the last drops of dawn. Swirls of JASMINE and CANNABIS envelop you in their exquisite scents. The green ANGELIC seems totally unreal on the orange sand… It's the whole universe rolled up in a thin sheet of paper and you're at the wheel. Sweet Leaf, the perfume of a psychedelic journey without a destination.

    “Traditionally, cannabis was used to induce spiritual experiences and inner journeys. This aspect of the counter-culture of the 1960s has evolved to the point of having today its own language, but also its own artistic, literary and musical universe. The simple act of smoking a joint is deeply symbolic. You will have understood it, the SWEET LEAF perfume will make you travel far. »