About Us

The Niche Beauty Brands agency was created by Emmanuel Haddad in July 2022.
After passing through ISIPCA between 1997 and 1999, Emmanuel spent more than 20 years developing his expertise in the commercial development of independent brands such as Parfums Lolita Lempicka. He then specialized in supporting niche brands such as Lalique Parfums and Acqua di Parma, discovering the requirements of a market made up of connoisseurs and enthusiasts.

His meeting with David Frossard, pioneer and lover of niche brands such as BDK Parfums, Liquides Imaginaires, 19-69, Arquiste, Obvious Parfums, Fornasetti, LA BRUKET, led him to create his own niche brand agency "Niche Beauty Brands”. Its mission is to support niche brands from all over the world, with a trendy and connected spirit. In addition, its mission is to offer retailers in the French market its experience acquired over many years.

“Share your emotions and your passion for brands like Akro, Cherigan or Headspace…”
“Being different from his competitors is very important to him and cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit. »
“Sharing your Vision of the Market and Being a Visionary”.
“Stand out and make an impression. »
“To make all of his Agency's clients happy to work with Niche Beauty Brands. »