ROOM 1015

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    Focus on your inner voice - listen to it merge with your senses. Inhale it - to release it. A slow and deep inspiration - from the invisible - fills your aura with an iridescent light - The surprising explosion of INCENSE purifies your spirit - The scent of violet LAVENDER reaches your senses - and soothes the nervous system - Slowly, all superfluous distractions fade away - Your mind is a blank page - ready for a revelation - or an inner revolution - Weightless - anything is possible when the mind becomes as light as an IRIS petal - A sudden sparkle of PINK BERRIES makes you smile - There it is, the manifestation of inner peace - While MARJORAM weeps softly - the murmur of WHITE FLOWERS balances your senses - and CLARY SAGE delicately uplifts you. Transparent echoes of AMBROXAN and MUSKS rise from your spiritual depths - and break through the barrier between earth and sky in plumes of MYRRH. All borders are abolished. The transcendental wellspring of the creative spirit that lives within you finally springs forth. You hear that voice, more clearly than ever. Now breathe out… and create.
    "In 1968, the Beatles came to meet Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in Rishikesh, India. He introduced them to Transcendental Meditation, an alternative to psychedelic drugs that stimulates creativity and allows one to reach a higher state of consciousness. Their long sessions of meditation culminated in the recording of the White Album, one of the most creative records ever produced… PURPLE MANTRA is an olfactory experience that invites that pleasant feeling of inner calm into your daily life. 'Intuition and silence everything else.'